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Adult friend search

Yes, the opportunities for blackmail and sleazy tabloid newspaper headlines are obvious.It’s easy for those of us who would never consider signing up for a site like Adult Friend Finder to smirk at the users’ discomfort, but we shouldn’t forget that both they and the Adult Friend Finder website itself are victims of a criminal act.Recent research has evaluated the possibility that unobserved genotypes may play an important role in the creation of homophilous relationships.

The degree to which genetics are implicated in the formation and consequences of social relationships is of growing interest to the new field of sociogenomics (1, 2).

Genetic similarity among friendship networks is important for at least two reasons.

First, social networks can influence mating markets, so genetic similarity among friends may be one source of genetic similarity among spouses.

Moreover, it is also a time of heightened salience for peer networks and influence (19–22).

For these reasons, in the present study, we characterize genetic homophily within adolescent social networks in the United States.


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