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Alternatives to adult friend finder

The ratio of men to women is not even remotely fair, the popup videos are annoying, and many features are hidden behind a Gold membership paywall.

Despite the name, Adult Friend Finder is not the place for adults to find friends, so if you just moved to a new city and want to find new mates, Adult Friend Finder is not the place to go.

With these recommendations from Adult Friend Finder, you have no excuse for spending another night alone.

Our experience with Adult Friend Finder was not particularly satisfying.

By default, you will see potential partners that are close to your location.

However, while that can be viewed as an advantage, it is also a considerable downside, since the design of the site is rather outdated.

It’s also worth noting that the interface of Adult Friend Finder is completely not safe for work and looks like a typical erotic site with popup photos and videos with adult content, so take extra precaution when opening the website in a public location.

Adult Friend Finder has compiled a couple of tips for creating an online presence that will engage your potential new partners.

• Start With an Attention-Grabbing Headline: Most dating sites only allow 100 characters for a headline and it’s difficult to pack all your strong suits into one line.


  1. An Adult Friend Finder subscription is kind of like the online hookup equivalent of a mud fight. It's dirty, but you have a strange urge to do it anyway, and with girls involved, yes, it's pretty hot.

  2. Any alternatives to adult friend finder? Im not especially looking for sex, more a connection website that I can use when I travel to other countrys. I wont know anyone so it might be a good tool for some dates.

  3. Adult Friend Finder even has an instant messenger so you can meet people now for a hookup tonight. Adult Friend Finder has all the same capabilities available on their mobile apps, so you can meet.

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