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Cougar dating free

After accepting, I was relieved when he pulled up sporting more casual clothes this time.Three sips into his first cup, he began opening up about his personal life.He'd laid all his cards on the table, and I was either in or out.

His "Hello" note was very straightforward, even a bit cold.

I learned that he had two children and was separated, largely because he and his wife weren't intimate enough. He was looking for someone who was sexy, confident and stable, which he wasn't finding by dating younger women. After my past experience with the 29-year-old, I was worried that he might not be on my maturity level.

But the way he spoke about his career and what he wanted out of our arrangement told me there were no nasty tricks up his sleeve.

I existed to make dinner for the kids and provide an open ear when he needed to vent.

After 15 years — six of which involved intensive marriage counseling — I finally decided to walk away.


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