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This “modern” French language affects everything: French pronunciation, vocabulary, but also word order, questions…If you’ve only studied “traditional” French, some French people will have a hard time understanding you (or you’ll sound just like a book…) and believe me, you’ll have an even harder time understanding them!Is it the same thing as doing exercises with a book for two hours? It’s not because you’ve studied something in the past that you’ll remember it today.Or writing up sentences with the new vocabulary for two hours? In other words, in order to see real progress as an advanced student of French, you still need to set up a study plan and study hard. A lot of schools follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): it is an international standard for describing language ability.But their French is not adapted to today’s modern French language.French is an evolving language, and without sounding like a teenager, you need to keep up to date with today’s French, in particular, the glidings and modern pronunciation.

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As an advanced speaker of French, it’s time to drop some knowledge and show off your mastery of the French language.As an advanced student, everything can be turned as a good learning tool.So, choose things that you like, like listening to French songs, but don’t pass on things that you need, like drilling on your French prepositions…To achieve these key reflexes and make sure you don’t butcher the pronunciation of French verbs, there is no better tool than my French Verb Drills series.In 6-minute training sessions, you will memorize the most used verbs and their tenses AND pronounce them like today’s native French speakers do.It’s commonly used to describe learners’ language skills, and the program you need to cover to pass exams. On the CEFR, French C1 means you can understand longer and challenging texts, speak fluently without searching for words and expressions, and understand implicit meanings.The advanced C1 student is also able to use French for business and academic purposes.Claire isn't the first thirsty mom to grace the big and small screens.In fact, moms having affairs with significantly younger men is a celebrated trope -- one that deserves a bit of a retrospective.Make sure you also study your French linking words, adverbs and adjectives.They do add a dimension to the conversation, however, many students only study the exceptions and never get to learn lists of useful adjectives.


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