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Dating older men sex

To help explain, let’s take a short trip down memory lane.

Did you ever have a high school sweetheart that thought it was okay to belch pizza-flavored burps into your mouth while you were making out?

To state the obvious, I have a thing for dating older men.

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Because you never know if the best lover of your life is waiting behind those grey hairs, wrinkles, and pleated slacks. Their flavor becomes more complex, deep — and in the best scenarios — a whole lot richer.

But regardless of your opinion on whether kids are great, they inevitably do make dating a whole lot harder. It’s not that I don’t have a maternal instinct — I do.

When I got married to my ex-husband, I inherited two stepsons. I would love to have children of my own in the future.

But once I got married, I swapped weekend getaways to the beach for family basketball tournaments.

Instead of taking shots of vodka at the bar, I was taking turns playing games on the Xbox.


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