Gay kink reddit

Good ol’ Reddit — if you can think of a kink, there’s likely a subreddit exclusively dedicated to it.

We’ll let you search for the things you’re most interested in. Easy — head over to r/multihub and use the search function to find something that suits you.

The Psychology: Though armchair psychologists assume that all looners must have experienced a sexual attraction to a balloon handler early on in life, Dennis, a guy who runs a balloon fetishist website, explains its other allures: ​​First of all, it’s this relatively small object becoming so huge in a couple of breaths.

If that’s your thing, we’re not here to judge — but we will give you other sites to check out.

They’re all below, with a bit of a blurb about each: Don’t forget that we’ve already detailed how those on Windows PC can easily download any Tumblr blog they’d like before the content ban.

The obvious downside to this is that you won’t get any new content. You can basically do whatever you want on Twitter these days, so what’s some adult content?

If you’re curious if your favourite blogs have made the move over to Twitter, you can check out the Tumblr Exodus Lifeboat spreadsheet — it’s got more than 1,000 Twitter equivalents of former Tumblr blogs.


  1. He's been an active member of the Danish barebacking fetish scene since he was 27 and agreed. And then the virus isn't contained within the gay community.

  2. Discover ideas about Life Is Strange Fanart. I'm kink shaming chloe. Life Is Strange FanartLife Is Strange 3Star NightMemesCute GayOtpWeirdArcadia BayDark.

  3. But the community isn't only based around fetish — the gainer community is well known to encourage body positivity, which is sorely needed.

  4. Good ol' Reddit — if you can think of a kink, there's likely a subreddit exclusively dedicated to it. We'll let you search for the things you're most.

  5. Myself and my gay friend attended for his birthday on a Monday. Every room was open apart from the pool and the club was thriving. There was no problem on.

  6. Your guide to gaymers, gaybros, LGBTrees, and more. The enormous LGBT network on Reddit will surprise you.

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