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Mama june dating sex offender

It should be noted that TLC did not immediately cancel the show after TMZ broke the story — initially stating that they were "reassessing the reports," before deciding the next day to not air an entire new season of episodes.

With that, it appeared Mama June would disappear from our consciousness, forever remembered as the fat, poor country mom who dated the man who molested her own daughter.

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The site reports that Mama June, who separated from Sugar Bear in September, has been dating Mark Mc Daniel for several months.

June was dating Mc Daniel at the time, and though TMZ would not identify the victim, they said it was a person June knew.

Mc Daniel was released from prison in March after serving 10 years behind bars.

He was also charged with passing bad checks and for shoplifting at the Walmart where he worked.

David Dunn, father of Anna “Chickadee” Shannon, 20, has served time for stealing a handgun and stealing cigarettes.


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