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A police officer attended at the hospital, but decided not to take her statement back at the station that evening because it was late and snowing. I couldn't push away, I couldn't speak," the woman said. " The woman replied, "I was just trying to survive." Nychuk also asked the woman why she didn't immediately call police.

The woman's daughter convinced her to go to the hospital, and on the Monday evening, she went for a rape exam, where nurses documented bruises and lacerations.Both testified Monday before Justice Fred Kovach at Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench, with Nikdima denying he did anything against her will and that she instigated having sex.The complainant, however, told Kovach that she felt terrified and still suffers daily flashbacks. I remember saying no," testified the woman, who is not being identified because of a publication ban.for coffee at The French Press café on south Albert Street.The woman told the court that Nikdima insisted on paying for coffee and she thought it was sweet.The trial is in Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench.(Gioulian Nikdima/Instagram) Gioulian Nikdima, 49, has been charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm.Go from friend to girlfriend or good friend to boyfriend.Typically men worry about their efficiency and girls fear about reaching orgasms.A 48-year-old Regina woman testifies what started as a coffee date with a charming gentleman ended with him driving her outside city limits and raping her.The accused, 49, denies doing anything against her will, and the lawyers are battling over whether some questions in court contribute to the "rape myth." (Warning: Story contains graphic language and disturbing content.)Gioulian Nikdima, 49, is charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm in the case of a Regina woman who accuses him of raping her after they met on a dating app.


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