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Research has also shown that the inability to control sexual impulses is associated with neurochemical imbalances in the norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine systems.

The use of certain antidepressants (SSRIs) has proved to be very effective in treating the impulse control problems of many sexual compulsives.

Sex addicts use behaviors rather than substances as coping mechanisms.

These might include masturbation, compulsive viewing of pornography, infidelity, one-night stands and a host of other ‘acting out’ practices that undermine the ability to form intimate bonds with another human being.

Sex addiction is an obsessive relationship to sexual thoughts, fantasies or activities that an individual continues to engage in despite adverse consequences.

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If an individual meets three or more of these criteria, he or she could be considered a sex addict: How do I know if my partner is a sex addict?Sometimes the addict has been off the dating scene for years and is returning as an older person.It’s natural to be confused in this case about one’s age and to find only younger people attractive.Individuals who are highly disciplined, accomplished and able to direct the force of their will in other areas of life fall prey to sexual compulsion.More importantly, people who love and cherish their partners can still be enslaved by these irresistible urges.Compulsive sex is the fast food of relationships, and developing a taste for the slow-cooked meal may take some time.Here the experienced therapist can be of huge assistance by reminding the sex addict that dating is not a race, nor a competition, but rather an adventure into the complete unknown where everything the addict thought they knew about intimacy turned out to be false, and a whole new universe must open up in order to move forward. Before recovery, the sex addict made decisions independently, choosing who to date, whom to have sex with, who to contact and what acts to participate in.Central to the disorder is the inability of the individual to adequately bond and attach in intimate relationships.The syndrome is rooted in early attachment failure with primary caregivers.Distress, shame and guilt about the behaviors erode the addict’s already weak self-esteem.Sexual addiction can be conceptualized as an intimacy disorder manifested as a compulsive cycle of preoccupation, ritualization, sexual behavior, and despair.


  1. Apr 28, 2016 Dating someone who suffers from sex addiction can be an incredibly difficult and painful experience. The constant feelings of insecurity, suspicion, and anger you might feel towards your partner can undermine the sense of intimacy and trust necessary to a healthy relationship.

  2. Oct 08, 2018 FAQs for Partners of Sex Addicts. Related Articles. Pages 1 2 3 All. Dorothy C. Hayden, LCSW. You can learn more about Dorothy Hayden, LCSW and the treatment of sexual addiction on her website.

  3. Aug 30, 2019 There are things about your partner’s sex life that you suspect they might be trying to keep secret from you. It might just be any reason, maybe they are hooking up with someone else, or they are going through a tough time, or maybe, you are dating a sex addict. He or she is a sex addict if these signs follow them 1. Sex is her/his most.

  4. Aug 05, 2013 If the person you are dating has been in sex addiction treatment for upwards of a year or more, then the chances are that he or she will not relapse into the prior behavior. Or at least will not take up the full-blown version of the compulsive behavior such as cybersex, prostitutes, pornography, anonymous sex, and so on.

  5. Sep 07, 2012 Here are seven signs you might be dating a sex addict 1. Consistently flaking out and running late. Sex addicts lose time to their addiction, becoming preoccupied with thoughts of sex and sexual.

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