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You can take a Joe Shmoe out of Shmoe-ville but you can't take the Shmoe-ville out of the Joe.

That's what happened on this awesomely disastrous show about a ''millionaire'' construction worker looking for love.

has finally finished after eight weeks of non-stop excitement, we're not surprised if you feel like a huge void has suddenly opened up in your life.

So, if you're looking for other shows to watch to get your dating drama fix, then look no further.

When it turned out that he was broke and, yipes, was actually a loser, we couldn't help but feel for everyone involved. What happens after the honeymoon stage ends in your relationship?

The beauty of this delightful show was that it forced couples to make that decision by hooking them up on a date with someone new.

— Who's gay, who's straight, who in their right minds knows any more? Learning that the man of your dreams is gay, or being rejected by a totally straight guy because he's just not into you? PERSONALITY It is apt that this Fox dating show forced suitors to wear masks at all times, because Lord knows I still want to hide my face for having watched it.

But what makes this new season different is the fact that the all-queer cast means there are no longer any gender limitations on matches, earning the show the tagline, "The One could be Anyone." Contestant Nour Fraij explains, "Whoever I'm attracted to, whoever I'm drawn to, that's what I want."1️⃣ Amber needs to step AWAY from Justin 😤2️⃣ Are Paige and Remy going to get together!? is all new, MONDAY at 11/10c 📺 #AYTO Go NS— #AYTO (@AREUTHE1) August 9, 2019 The eighth series keeps the same host, Terrence J, and welcomes a new addition in relationship expert, Dr Frankie.

She's on hand to help the contestants work through their shit, as well as making sure they're up to date with all the latest dating bugbears - such as ghosting, benching and stashing, to name a few. Realities shows may be our guilty pleasure, and it is time we see folks who look like us included...

5'' salesman, trying to find love among women of different heights.

Thankfully, someone decided the world needed to see only two episodes of this series.


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